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The values that inspire Alia skin care natural cosmetics

The Alia skin care natural cosmetics line is developed with the aim of investing in the resources and traditions of Sicily, creating high performance and high quality formulas. With the very name Alia: “high, elevated, sublime”, it is clear that we aim to offer our customers a natural cosmetics line characterised by a high concentration of active ingredients from Sicily: such as natural and organic essential oils, plant extracts of prickly pear and pomegranate, plant oils such as our extra virgin olive oil and sweet almond oil.

Our philosophy is simple and transparent and translates into 4 points:


Sensoriality and warmth, through the natural fragrances, enveloping textures and warm colours of the Mediterranean.


Innovation, efficiency, quality and safety are the guidelines that Alia skin care follows to develop all of its products, which are 100% made in Italy.


Formulas with natural, vegan and organic ingredients. We even wanted the packaging to respect the environment with the use of a recycled and recyclable material.


Alia skin care packages feature the historical Sicilian art of maiolica decoration. In fact ,all Alia skin care products stem from the creation of Sicilian maiolicas, hand-decorated by a local artist.
Alia skin care products do not contain:


Alia Skin Care: our philosophy

Alia skin care is a brand that unites tradition and innovation. Alia skin care Sicilian cosmetics are created for people who appreciate genuine Sicilian raw materials, and generally for people who want to treat their skin well, with top quality natural cosmetics. For our products, we select the purest natural ingredients to offer you the sensations and typical colours of Sicily. Who has never been to or dreamt of spending a holiday in Sicily? Who of you is enamoured with this amazing land? Alia skin care wants to tell you, through the story of each of its products, about the uniqueness of this land, it wants to offer you an unforgettable journey! Starting from this idea, we have created a line of cosmetics that cares for the entire family, with versatile and multi-purpose products.
Every Alia skin care product is in fact designed to perform several functions and satisfy you 100%: natural, effective and safe cosmetics, to help your skin feel protected and loved!
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