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Sensory journey

Alia Skin Care Sicilian cosmetics:
a sensorial journey through the 5 senses

To experience a sensorial journey in Sicily through Alia Skin Care natural cosmetics, you need to know the main active principles, ingredients and its history.

THE FIRST LEG of the Ali skin care sensorial journey: TRAPANI

The first leg of the journey is Trapani, where Dr. Debora Pollina developed the Alia Skin Care Sicilian cosmetics line from raw materials such as extra virgin olive oil: it is obtained from an ancient olive grove in contrada Belvedere, which has been in her family for generations.

Second Leg: The Salt Pans
Anyone who has been to Trapani is familiar with the very sweet Erice almond paste or the enchanting salt pans: if you wish to experience all of this every day, choose our Alia Skin Care natural cosmetics. Well yes, the Alia skincare moisturising cleansing cream and the moisturising and nourishing body cream will make you feel like you are in a pastry shop in Trapani, ready to taste an almond pastry, why? Because these two products contain the extract of organic almond, for an extraordinary sensorial experience
The salt pans of Trapani
The salt pans of Trapani are pure art, on the other hand, immense white stretches of crystals that sparkle in the sun, inhabited in certain periods of the year, by pink flamingos immersed in their natural habitat. Indeed, the Trapani salt pans are an authentic natural reserve established in 1995, that extends for almost 1000 hectares! What better place to get inspired? This is where the formula for Alia skincare body scrub was developed, made of salt from the Trapani salt pans for a texture that can only be one of a kind. What makes it so special? Apart from being uncontaminated, this is no common salt, rather it is Whole Sea Salt, a mixture of minerals and oligo-elements deposited on a sodium chloride crystal thanks to natural evaporation through the heat of the sun.
THIRD LEG: Sicilian Citrus Groves
Who hasn’t dreamt of visiting at least once the immense and romantic citrus groves of Sicily, enveloped in the incredible fragrances? As Guy de Maupassant once wrote “Sicily is the country of oranges, a flower-filled land whose scent permeates the air at springtime…” who could ever say anything to the contrary? Alia skincare was called to reproduce all of this through at least one of its products. AND from the need to recreate the magical fragrances of orange blossoms, simply with the aid of natural cosmetics, thereby creating the Alia skincare emollient body oil. The organic essential oils inside this body care product are pure poetry to our senses.
These are the essential oils that we have chosen:
Fourth leg: sicilian pomegranates
Alia skincare Sicilian cosmetics continue to make us dream by telling the story of another incredible product inspired by a fruit with sensational active ingredients, that we love and find abundantly in Sicily. What are we talking about? THE SICILIAN POMEGRANATE: “radiant, beautiful bright red grains, sweet yet slightly sour, little gems that illuminate autumn”.. and with the exfoliate&illuminate face mask, your skin will always be smooth and radiant! In addition to the incredible organic essential oils, it contains an active ingredient that will leave you speechless with its benefits, ELLAGIC ACID!
Whatever way you look at it, Sicily will amaze you. When you set foot in this strip of southern land, you realise you are in a unique place in the world, which engages all five of your senses. This is precisely why there is no way you can travel across Sicily without the exceptional Alia skincare Sicilian cosmetics!

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