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How was the Alia skin care Sicilian Cosmetics line developed?

Alia skin care is a Sicilian cosmetics line founded in Trapani in 2017, with the aim of showcasing the resources and traditions of Sicily, through the creation of effective, natural cosmetics and quality raw materials. The intention of the founder, Dr. Debora Pollina, was to combine three elements in a single project: her passion for natural cosmetics, her academic title and her love for her native land, Sicily.

Meet Debora

Debora Pollina is the creator of the natural cosmetics line Alia skin care, originally from Trapani, graduated in Science and Technology of Cosmetic and Herbal Products and subsequently in Pharmacy at the University of Ferrara in 2012. For several years she has been actively involved in the field of natural cosmetics and food supplementation first at Italian companies in the sector and later through his natural cosmetics project Alia skin care. Since 2017 she has also been a professor of cosmetology at training institutes for wellness and health operators. She personally and with great passion takes care of the development of formulas that she considers in fact as “she her creatures” of her.

Effective natural and sensorial formulas

In creating the Alia skin care Sicilian cosmetics line of products, we have the goal of creating effective and high quality formulas. The high concentration of the plant extracts makes Alia skin care a functional, eudermic and skin-friendly natural cosmetics line. Ingredients such as the essential oils of Sicilian citrus fruits for example, offer an unforgettable olfactive sensorial experience. Each product is the result of studies, research and laboratory testing, and stems from the love for the fragrances and materials of Sicily: creating a new product for Alia skin care means embarking on a journey, with a path and unique characteristics.

The scientific basis of the formulas

Alia skin care natural cosmetics stem from close scientific research, to guarantee the consumer with the maximum quality. The formulas are developed in respect of the environment, without petrolatums, parabens, GMOs, SLES/SLE, silicones, artificial perfumes and animal-derived ingredients. In our research and development area, we assess the new raw materials, we check the stability of the product, the new packaging materials and their compatibility with the cosmetic product. For each cosmetic product, we measure the chemical and physical parameters: density, viscosity, pH, to check the quality and quantity characterisation. Each formula is mechanically and thermo-dynamically stressed so as to predict the chemical stability and storage period. Lastly, the formulas go through specific microbiological tests (including the challenge test). We operate in respect of the environment, of the legal provisions that protect it and in conformity with the requirements specified by standard UNI EN ISO 9001: 2009.

Only Natural and authentic ingredients

The quality and natural authenticity of the raw materials is the underlying trait of the entire Alia Skin Care natural cosmetics line. From our own lush and sunny olive grove, for example, we obtain the extra virgin olive oil that we use in our formulas. Alia skin care also invests in showcasing the region of Sicily, to select the best raw materials it as to offer. Various collaborations with young Sicilian farms working in the following types of productions have stemmed from this objective:

● Plant extracts
● Typical local plants (and their processing and characterisation),
● Various organic essential oils, such as the essential oil of citrus fruits, sweet almond oil, pomegranate juice and prickly pear gel.

Giuliana Cordio’s ceramics
Another collaboration, developed in Trapani with ceramic artist Giuliana Cordio and her workshop “Di cotte e di Crude”, has allowed us to showcase the artistic form of maiolica decoration, through our products. The Alia skin care Sicilian cosmetics line develops from the harmony between different but complementary elements: the purity of the plant extracts meshes with the scientific research of specific formulas, while the tradition of Sicilian maiolicas is united with a modern and elegant packaging design.

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