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Raw material

Natural and authentic raw materials
in Alia Skin Care sicilian cosmetics

We have selected natural and typical ingredients respecting local traditions and the authenticity of the area of Trapani: an experience exploring the sweet fragrant notes of almond, lemon, orange and jasmine blossoms and the gentle quality of extra virgin olive oil, sweet almonds and the extract of royal mallow. Olive oil is a crucial ingredient in Alia skincare natural cosmetics because, in this specific case, in addition to being an oil with precious characteristics, it also has antioxidant properties, it protects against the harmful action of free radicals and prevents the effects of aging. It is a rich emollient oil that deeply nourishes skin and regulates the skin’s moisturisation system. It also offers a soothing action on red and irritated skin, and is also well-tolerated by the most sensitive skin.
Alia skin care does not contain artificial fragrances, but only pure essential oils, which are considered valid allies in skin care treatments, why?
Specifically for three important reasons:

1. They are 100% natural and are therefore considered friends of our skin;

2. The essential oil molecules, thanks to their affinity with skin, easily pass through its natural barrier, providing their beneficial functions;

3. They are extremely concentrated: with Alia skincare products you can enjoy your own personal moment of aromatherapy, for example with essential oils such as cinnamon and sweet
orange contained in our Alia skin care body wash. It relaxes and calms the mind so you can enjoy a moment of relaxation during a nice hot bath

Body Scrub

Another ingredient showcased in the Alia skin care natural cosmetics products is Whole Sea Salt from the salt pans of Trapani, an actual living element, rich in:

• Magnesium
• Minerals
• Oligo-elements

Face Mask
Another prime material that distinguishes the Alia skin care line is pomegranate, very well known for its incredible antioxidant action. Alia skincare, on the other hand, also means innovation, and it uses pomegranate in a completely new way: the ellagic acid contained in the juice acts on the tyrosinase enzyme, involved in the production of melanin, slowing its action and therefore preventing the appearance of liver spots. A true intensive anti-spot and illuminating treatment, perfect for your skin care.
Face cream

Alia skincare Sicilian cosmetics has not left out the beloved orange blossom! “It is impossible to think of Sicilians without automatically imagining the Mediterranean air that surrounds them, the shape of Prickly Pear and tropical plants, without smelling the scent of the orange blossom, which soothes the senses in the summer”. Once again, Alia skincare succeeds in immersing you in a sunny Sicilian Sunday among the enchanting orange blossoms that inebriate the senses. And this is how the Alia skincare anti-age face cream was developed: the main ingredient is the very light orange blossom water that caresses your skin, letting you dream!

The ingredients of Alia skin care natural Sicilian cosmetics

Our formulas use only top quality ingredients:

• Natural and organic ingredients
• Gentle and low foaming surfactants
• Natural essential oils
• Non-irritating preservatives
• Flower waters
• Vitamin E as an antioxidant

On the other hand, we have decided NOT to include:

• Silicones
• Parabens
• Mineral oils and petrolatums
• Formaldehyde donors
• Artificial perfumes
• Artificial colorants
• Animal derivatives

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