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The Art Of Painting On Majolica

Alia Skin Care sicilian cosmetics as an artistic expression
more authentic than Sicily

With the packaging of the Alia skin care Sicilian cosmetics line we wanted to showcase the tradition of maiolica decoration, a typical Sicilian form of art.

In fact, each product features forms of expressiveness and unique pieces created by local Trapanese artist, Giuliana Cordio, at her artisan workshop “Di cotte e di crude” in Trapani.

“When you own a handmade object you are
sharing a tradition and a way of life”

– Giuliana Cordio –
Giuliana designs and creates on ceramic all of the maiolica pieces that are featured on the labels of every single product and exclusively for Alia skin care. As per the Western Sicilian tradition of painting on maiolica, Giuliana’s works of art created for Alia skin care are characterised by four distinctive elements that make each single maiolica a unique and precious piece:

● Yellow Acanthus leaves
● The surrounding filigree,
● The coppery green leaves
● The cobalt blue background.

Before printing them on our packaging, Giuliana Cordio’s Sicilian maiolicas are created through the traditional process: each maiolica is decorated then fired in the kiln, one of the few remaining in western Sicily. Lastly, it is glazed and polished before being used for the graphics of the packaging of each single product. Alia skin care is the first and only natural cosmetics line to invest in the uniqueness of its packaging, showcasing the art of hand-made maiolica decoration. The colours and the raw materials depicted in the maiolicas embody the personality of the Alia skin care Sicilian cosmetics line. The maiolica created for the softening & smoothing Body Wash for example, represents the ingredients contained in the formula, such as the prickly pear pads that we extract the gel from.
Another maiolica that is unique and different in shape is the one created for the firming & toning body scrub, which in this case represents ingredients such as salt and cocoa bean that we use for macerated oil and powder, both contained in the product.

Originality, tradition and simplicity of the Alia skin care packaging

These are the aspects that make the packaging of the Alia skin care Sicilian natural cosmetics line unique and inimitable. Combining dream, art and Sicily for Alia skin care is the primary objective, a philosophy. As Paul Gaugin said about painting “First of all, emotions! Understanding comes after!”, all of this is captured in Sicilian maiolicas and in our vision.

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