Alia skin care is a natural and organic Sicilian brand, why?

- NO ANIMAL DERIVATIVES : Alia skin care is a VEGAN line .

- NO SILICONES : silicon derivatives, often used because they give pleasantness to the texture. Sensitizing, occlusive, free from odor and color, they mask skin and hair problems by wrapping them as in a cellophane patina, worsening their appearance as soon as the use is stopped.

- NO EDTA : Ethylene Diamine Tetracetic Acid. Once reached the sea following discharges of consumption, in contact with mercury and various heavy metals, it liquefies and is absorbed by the fish that transfer the metals themselves to a concentration 5000 times higher. Finished on our tables and ingested can lead to Saturnism.

- NO PARABENS : preservatives and antimicrobials, greatly influence the rate of estrogen in the body.

- NO PEG : humectant used to delay the dispersion of moisture from the skin, prevents evaporation and prevents drying of the cosmetic with a pseudo moisturizing function.

- NO PETROLATES : lipids obtained from hydrocarbons obtained from petroleum, used as solvent, emollient, carrier or functional substances, but potentially carcinogenic.