The scientific nature of the formulas

We invest in careful scientific research to guarantee the highest quality to the consumer.
We develop environmentally friendly formulas, without petrolatum, paraben, GMO, SLES / SLE, silicones and animal derivatives . In the research and development area we evaluate the new raw materials, we verify the stability of the product, the new packaging materials and their compatibility with the cosmetic product itself.
We measure the chemical-physical parameters of each cosmetic product: density, viscosity, pH, to verify the qualitative-quantitative characterization. Each formula is stressed both mechanically and thermodynamically in order to predict its chemical stability and storage period. Finally, the formulas are subjected to specific microbiological tests (including the challenge test).
We operate respecting the environment, the legal requirements that protect it and in compliance with the requirements specified by the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 standard.